Towards Zero Waste Parks

Zero Waste Urban Parks

Litter is a big problem all over Europe, also in green spaces. Different countries deploy varying amounts of resources and energy in order to tackle the problem, but we still have a lot to do. With a partnership from four European countries, we want to make our parks litter-free. Our dream? Not only reducing waste but also eliminating it by encouraging sustainable practices.

2nd hand, 1st choice

Raising awareness on textile waste

REVESTE Lisboa project

The REVESTE Lisboa project seeks to promote the circular economy, through the reuse of clothing and textiles, to reinforce social inclusion, through training and income opportunities, and to promote the solidarity and proximity economy. 

Capacity building and active participation

Liga-Ação Platform  

Liga-Ação is a digital network to gather society and empower for a sustainable and regenerative everiday life, with the support of the EEA Grants Active Citizens Program and Calouste Gulbenkian and Bissaya-Barreto Foundations.

Rethink and recycle toys

Awareness and new systems

REPLAY Project 

The REPLAY project, promoted by Zero Waste Lab and Precious Plastic Portugal with the financial support of Novo Banco, implemented the first collection and sorting network for end-of-life toys, and their transformation into new useful objects. Winner of the New European Bauhaus Award 2022. 

Methodology for Zero Waste Plans

Community empowerment initiatives

Chain Impact Movement 

Some examples are ZERO WASTE LISBON and City Portraits, co-creation of two zero waste plans in partnership with Eco-Estilistas and Gonçalo Silveira Foundation and the dinamisation of 18 workshops to capacitate local communities in zero waste and to save resources.

Clean-ups and awareness initiatives at the beach

Educational Projects
Corporate Activities
Volunteering Initiatives

Plastic Sun Days

Examples are the educational projects LisbonWeek (2017) and the National Surf Championship Liga Meo Surf (2018 and 2019), the corporate actions developed for Impacteam (Efacec, Cox Automotive, Cetelem, Siemens) and voluntary initiatives such as the World Clean Up Day 2019.

Clean-ups and awareness initiatives
in urban context

Corporate Activities
Volunteering Initiatives

Fill It In

Examples are the educational projects developed for Lixo Zero Mouraria and the Parish Council of Belém, the corporate actions developed for Grace, Deloitte, and Wall Street English, and the voluntary initiatives Jardins Abertos 2019, Perimeter Efêmero 2019 and Lixo Zero Mouraria.


Meetings that promote debate,
reflection and
constructive engagement

Bring it Out

Examples are the Zero Waste Cycle, a regular cycle of debates on the dimensions of the Zero Waste movement; the Liminal Lectures at Boom, Websummit, AESE, University of Porto, 7SeasSummit, Deloitte, Unilever, and numerous schools; as well as the Community Forums designed for Lixo Zero Mouraria.


Practical workshops
on Zero Waste

Get Hands On

Examples are workshops held under the Lixo Zero Mouraria project, and the workshops produced for the Dia Grande Esporão, Lix Pic / Pic Lix, Pequeno Buda Festival 2018 (Monsanto), Jardins Abertos 2019 (JF de Belém), Ciência Viva Platform 2019 (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo).


Educational installation
for upcycling
and the circular economy


Examples include Being Gathering, Boom Festival, Fruta Feia, Circular Star, Greenfest, Costas da Cidade, Torres Vedras Open Lab, Deloitte.

Intervention projects

Local communities

Zero Waste Community

Training and courses

agents of change

Cultivate and Contribute