July 2022

Text by ZWL Team

Liga-Ação Towards Zero Waste

Liga-Ação project is up and running! A platform by everyone for everyone, with focus on making Zero Waste choices as easy, conscious, and accessible in everyday life as all the others.

Liga-Ação is a digital platform that promotes networking with the purpose of bringing together and empowering portuguese civil society with tools, resources, and collaboration necessary for the transition to a more resilient, sustainable, and waste-free society, reinforcing the ability to influence public decision-making processes and motivate the creation of public policies, and to have an amplified impact on society, particularly in waste and waste prevention.

Liga-Ação will provide 4 dynamic spaces: Community, Capacity Building, Working Groups, and Library with a special focus on the areas of repair and bulk sale. However, this is a space open to all socio-environmental actors and others, which provides a base created to leverage partnerships, initiatives and Zero Waste movements that seek to mitigate climate change, create new circular economy opportunities, and invest in a regenerative, abundant, and shared responsability future.


- Dynamise interaction and diologue between various organisations dedicated to the topic, facilitating sharing sources (webinars, reports, legislation) to stregthen the development of collective knowledge partnerships and synergies, promoting the joint development and implementation of public initiatives, such as waste and circular economy campaigns;

- Promote capacity for the civil society entities to intervene and influence in the areas of environmental transition and sustainability, by facilitating structured dialogue betwueen civil society actors and public decision-makers;

- Promote environmental literacy and public engagement, through digital participation tools that increase the impact and visibility of initiatives in society, as well as improving access to information and raising citizens' awareness of strategic socio-environmental issues and their effects on their lives.

Project impact by september 2023:

1. Consolidation of a network of movements, initiatives and organisations as agents of political influence and transition to fairer, more resilient and regenerative societal models;

2. Creation of 1 awareness and civic participation campaign;

3. Development of a policy document with oriented guidelines alerting to emerging issues, presentation of proposals and civic participation;

4. Creation of a digital platform with tools for action and accurate and careful information;

5. Training cycles, webinars, workshops, and face-to-face and online meetings.

This project is a partnership with Circular Economy Portugal, FOE - Naturvernforbundet and Maria Granel, and supporte by the EEA Grants Active Citizens Programme, Calouste Gulbenkian Faudation and Bissaya-Barreto Faudation.

The platform is already live, become a member through the following link:

We believe in the strength of the network! Get connected in action!