Zero Waste Lab is a non-profit association, born in Portugal in 2017, from the THNK Creative Leadership Program and the motivation to create a Hub and a Laboratory that collaborate, in order to mobilize society towards behavior transformation in the creation and management of waste, actively involving people in researching and testing new ways to intervene on waste, accessible to all.
We believe that each of us can make a difference in the transition to a waste-free future. How can we be proud of the legacy we leave for future generations? Let's unite our creativity and make a commitment! The life cycle of materials can change if we all act now and assume our part of the shared responsibility.

First step: understand the system and project the vision!
Nowadays we are encouraged to consume, produce waste and pay someone to clean it. Although waste creates jobs, the current system does not add value to our future, as the life cycle of materials is ineffective on many levels: materials are downgraded, water is wasted and contaminated, the air is being polluted. We want to contribute to the creation of a system that paves the way for a future where there is no waste and where all life can prosper. Can you envision it?

Second step: make a commitment and change!
Good practices are flourishing - from reduced plastic consumption, to circular economy projects - what matters is to act according to our conscience and implement change as best we can in our daily life, both personal and professionally. Then, continue to raise the goals, with courage and pride for the achievements. Most likely, we will inspire so many others along the way, leading by good example.

Third step: join a zero waste network!
More and more networks are emerging - some focus on organizations, others on individuals, others on legislation. Find a network aligned with your values, and join it today. It is essential that we unite our creative minds, our motivated hearts and our hardworking hands to drive change. And always remember that it is not about winning a battle, but about creating a future together where life can manifest itself in all its beauty, for many generations. “When life wins, there are no losers!”



Cristina Sousa



Sara Morais Pinto



Ana Salcedo



Manon Jourdan



Rosário Lago



Inez Aires



Ana Mestre




President of the Board/ Project Initiator @ Thnk

Miguel Moreira

Technology professional, passionate about how science and human skills can best be used to advance business and society. Coming from the corporate world, he works as an independent and entrepreneurial consultant, mainly in the field of digital education.

Vice-President of the Board

Rosário Lago

A strong practical sense of service guides her towards different platforms of environmental awareness, transforming her into an active and activist citizen. Caregiver, helps to create the conditions and facilitates the blossoming of others.

Secretary of the Board

Cristina Sousa

Forest Engineer, always in love with nature, worked in natural resource management and rural development. However, it is in the design and implementation of projects that she feels accomplished, giving shape to various areas of motivation, environment, social causes, culture and creativity.


Sara Morais Pinto

Passionate about provoking civic and critical participation around social, cultural and environmental justice causes. Entrepreneur, specialist in collaborative networks, exploring sources of financing for the sustainability of organizations.

Vocal/ Member of the Board

Ana Salcedo

Projector, facilitator, weaver, creative spirit. Builder of possible and unlikely bridges, enthusiast of creative collaboration, courageous and responsible transformation, elevating human potential to the harmonic vibration of the planet. Guardian of magic, at the service of life.

President of the Assembly

Livia Tirone

Innovator, pioneer, architect, promoter, consultant, moderator, writer, editor - mother of two - exploring a full, fun and healthy life. She believes in continuous learning and expresses his passion and purpose.

Vice-President of the Assembly

Patricia Filipe

Explorer of knowledge and combinatorial creativity. Natural communicator. Impulsive storyteller. Despite being a marketing and communication manager, she will always be a biologist at heart. Fascinated by the sea and the promotion of the oceans, she invests in making environmental science interesting and understandable by all.

Secretary of the Assembly

Inez Aires

Yoguini of body and soul, she collects abilities. An explorer of space and time, she expresses her dreams in reality. She is a full time nature lover. Environmental engineer, both internal and external.

President of the Fiscal Council

José Vale


Rapporteur of the Fiscal Council

Pedro Mendes Ferreira

Lawyer, graduate in Economic Criminal Law, seeks, in a pedagogical and constructive way, to be part of alternatives to defend the environment and future generations, with respect for Human Rights, against polluting practices.

Secretary of the Fiscal Council

Ben Tirone Nunes

Having studied economics and environmental management, the focus on waste and material life cycles is central to Ben's interests and action, allowing him to collaborate in creating the future he envisions.

Consulting Board

Victor Vieira


Consulting Board

Rita Valadas



Zero Waste Lab believes that its partners and clients are much more than just that, they are their foundation, structure, nutrition. If the ZWL were a tree, these would be its root, trunk, branches and leaves.



They are the clients with whom we work on the basis of constructive collaboration, mutual trust, working together on projects of activation and execution of ideas. Here are also our associates, who enable the solidity and sustainability of the Association.




Associação Idanha Culta
Associação Nacional de Surfistas
Boom Festival
J. F. de Belém - Jardins Abertos
J. F. da Estrela - Estrela Circular
Lab Aberto Torres Vedras
Lisbon Week
Wall Street English





They are the ones who initially bet on Zero Waste Lab and are at the origin of our existence.




Circular Economy Portugal
CML - Centro Inovação da Mouraria
THNK Lisbon