Betclic Apogee: 1st eSports Carbon Neutral Team

Betclic Apogee

It is with great pleasure that we anounce that Betclic Apogee is the world's first carbon neutral eSports team!

How did this happen?

First, we had to know the realimpact of the team: training/competition hours, of the players, but also of the coaches, communication ad backoffice. In eSports, that means energy consumption (consoles, computers, different monitors) and mobility.

To calculate this more invisible but increasing impact of digital and tech, we developed with Cors.Digital a simple and effective app able to track the real consumption of each team member, according to their specific hardware, clicking on a timer whenever it is active. Along with the exact trips, the collected data is translated into CO2eq emissions and its correspondence in number of carbon capturing trees, to make it more tangible. We also add the teams calendar and news, for good management and awareness raising. Knowing  the real impact, the team now makes better choices!

The team's emissions were neutralised by investig in carbon-positive solutions that drive generation. The offset and certification was done by our dutch partner ZEROCertified.

Congratulations to Betclic Apogee for being a living committed example of what it really means to embrace our shared responsability, plus driving a chain impact movement by encouragin other teams and gamers to do the same! And there are many of them! 2.7 bilion gamers in the world!

This is a good example of applied consulting from ZWL.