Project REPLAY: Winner of the New European Bauhaus Award 2022

Category:Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting lifecycle thinking

REPLAY Project

The pillars of the New European Bauhaus are #beautiful, #sustainability, #together and this award has recognised how much this was manifested in the REPLAY project:


- In the manifestation of concrete design pieces from the recycling of materials, where aesthetics is definitely one of the points considered: THANK YOU!

- To all the students of ESAD and Évora University for your proposals, all of them beautiful! And of course, to the winners André Panóias and Manuel Marchante!

- To Opo'Lab FabLab and Precious Plastics Portugal for the manifestation of the OiO moulds and for showing how playing with the colours of plastic brings great joy to play!

- To Extruplás for the playground piece we are developing!
- To Papeleiro Doido, for showing the magic of recycling paper in countless beautiful possibilities!

- To Henrique Netto for the piece Electropolvo with the electrical circuits!

- To For Ever and Lemon Jelly Shoes for the amazing rubber wellies!

- To the Labs tireless in reproducing OiO!


Sustainability is the driver of this project obviously, but we also want to encourage people to think better and also buy better! We thank the 44 delivery points, all of which are references to good environmental practices, such as the bulk shops. One of the objectives was to get people to know these places and thereby make their commitment to zero waste, as we also did with the REPLAY Talks.


And this is perhaps the strongest pillar of this project at the systemic level of collaboration, which has proved the strength of complementarity of a society, bringing together NGOs, businesses, local authorities, managing bodies, families, schools, sharing in networks! The financial contributions- Novo Banco-, or in material or time. Everything is important, we are all important!

We are looking for partners and sponsors so that this successful pilot project can become a permanent circuit in Portugal. Let's do it!laugh