Plastic Sun Days
Clean-ups and awareness initiatives at the beach. Educational Projects. Corporate Activities. Volunteering Initiatives.

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Fill It In Grace, Deloitte, entre outros
Clean-ups and awareness initiatives in urban context. Corporate Activities. Volunteering Initiatives.

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Bring it Out Ciclo Zero Waste, Liminal@Boom, entre outros
Get Hands On Lixo Zero Mouraria
Practical workshops on Zero Waste. Sessions focused on the numerous techniques to reduce waste in daily life (shopping, kitchen, bathroom, etc).

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Plastic0circular Being Gathering, Boom Festival, entre outros
Zero Waste Community Lixo Zero Mouraria, entre outros
Intervention projects that involve different dimensions of building local communities around Zero Waste.

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Cultivate and Contribute
Training and courses: empowering agents of change.

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get involved
Talks and Debates
Presentations regarding our work and themes related to waste, the zero waste philosophy and opportunities for transformation (schools, businesses, events, etc).
Awareness Initiatives
Clean up initiatives (beach, street, forest, etc). Demonstration of creative recycling technology - plastic0circular.
Practical Zero Waste demonstrations, focusing on techniques for reducing waste and DIY approaches for daily life.
Community Projects
Intervention projects at the local level, aiming at fostering civic participation, collaborative solutions, disruptive and creative possibilities.
Pilot Projects
Co-creation, experimentation and monitoring of disruptive processes with scalable potential.
Personalized projects including monitoring, evaluation and recommendations of structural roadmap towards zero waste.
Specialized courses on the different angles and layers of Zero Waste.
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